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bHaptics Tactglove DK2 (pair)






Comfortable. Light. Wireless.
First Consumer-Ready Haptic Gloves

TactGlove is the world’s first consumer-ready haptic gloves designed for AR/VR technology. Bring hand tracking to life by adding haptic feedback to your hands. Our advanced neuromorphic algorithm enhances the virtual experience by adding sensory elements to every interaction, from pressing buttons, lifting dumbbells, petting cats, shaking hands, to hugging virtual avatars!



Make Your Touch Count with Real-Time Haptics

Touch, grab, press, shake hands and hug.
Our unique neuromorphic algorithm enables natural and realistic haptic feedback in virtual interaction by mimicking human tactile adaption process.




Natural Interaction, More Natural Feeling

12 Haptic Feedback Points

The 12 LRA-type motors (6 on each side) in TactGlove deliver delicate and sophisticated haptic feedback to your hands. Each motor located on the fingertips and wrists will make your virtual interactions come to life.


Neuromorphic Algorithm

Our unique neuromorphic algorithm provides a tactile illusion and enhances spatial resolution, offering the most natural haptic experience. Integrate our SDK for a seamless incorporation of the most natural, realistic haptic feedback.



Compatible with commercial AR/VR Headsets

TactGlove is the first haptic gloves compatible with commercial VR/AR HMDs’ camera-based hand tracking, such as Meta Quest 2 / Pro and Pico Neo 3 with Ultraleap.
*TactGlove does not provide hand tracking on its own and must be used with camera-based hand tracking systems.



Consumer-Ready Haptic Gloves

Perfect Causal Haptic Gloves

TactGlove was created as the first consumer-ready haptic gloves by eliminating elements that hinder usability for the general consumers. Bulky tracking sensors were removed to be replaced by powerful yet small haptic motors for a more comfortable wearing experience. Thanks to the use of lightweight and stretchy fabric, users can quickly put on and take off the TactGlove with ease, like regular gloves.

Fits Like a Glove

TactGlove comes in 4 different sizes from small to extra-large so that anyone can find a comfortable fit. For optimal performance and hygiene, TactGlove features three layers – an inner, main, and outer glove. Easily washable and replaceable set of inner gloves are provided with TactGlove.



No Tracking Sensors, No Wires

Compatible with Camera-Based Tracking

TactGlove is compatible with camera-based hand tracking systems used in commercial VR/AR HMDs, eliminating the need for embedded motion tracking sensors. This focus allows the TactGlove to deliver high-quality haptic feedback in a compact, lightweight design at an affordable price.

Bluetooth Connection

With our latency-free wireless control through the standard Bluetooth protocol, you can enjoy greater freedom of hand movement while exploring virtual worlds. Experience real-time, untethered haptic feedback in your fingertips when playing games with the embedded haptics of the TactGlove on VR/AR HMDs with camera-based hand tracking systems.




Rediscover your favorite worlds with 400 unique haptic patterns in 256 compatible games.



Haptics : 6 haptic feedback points (each), LRA motors
Connectivity : Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE)
Battery : Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.8V, 630mAh, 2.394Wh)
Charging : 2hrs with 5V 0.5A (max)
Playtime : 3.5hours*


• Size Dimension and Weight** (A x B) :

(S) : 225mm x 92 mm, 107g
(M) : 231mm x 95 mm, 110g
(L) : 236 mm x 100 mm, 112g
(XL) : 244 mm x 104 mm, 115g

*When all feedback points are operating for 1 sec. in every 5 sec. at maximum intensity.
** Main + Outer Glove (excluding inner glove)




Meta Quest 3, Pro and 2


Native support

For developers and business customers



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