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KAT Fire Controller Holder for HTC VIVE

Enter The VR Battlefields With Guns Blazing

KAT FIRE is a unique VR Pistol designed for HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro controllers to give you a feeling of holding a true weapon. Deepening immersion, it’ll elevate your experience up to a whole new level and let you become a true shooting master!


Highly Realistic Design

KAT Fire was designed specifically to boost the realism by giving you the feeling of holding an actual pistol. Get it now and fully immerse yourself in the virtual gunfights.


Improved Aiming Accuracy

Based on the construction of real guns used on the modern field of battle, KAT Fire grants you a firm, steady grip of your controller resulting in a higher shooting accuracy.


Quick Controller Mounting

Simple fixing system lets you mount your controller in seconds without even taking off the VR headset


Easy Controller Charging

Worrying about the battery? You can safely charge the controller at any time without even removing it from your KAT Fire.


Ultra-High Quality

The manufacturing of our VR Pistol is based on precision injection molding what ensures high quality and long product life.





  • Product Dimensions: 265mm*145mm*52.5mm
  • Main Manufacturing Material: ABS

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