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bHaptics TactSuit X40






Tactsuit X40
40 vibro-tactile motors send elaborate haptic vibrations customized to your VR games.

Our most advanced TactSuit with 40 haptic feedback points to bring you the most intricate and precise VR experience.

40 vibro-tactile motors deliver high-caliber haptic feedback customized to align with actions in your favorite VR Games. The most elaborate sensations are reinterpreted with precise vibrations.

Audio Accessories (Audio cable & Y Splitter) and an additional Mesh Lining are included



Premium, Refined, Intricate
Haptic Vest with 40 Vibration Motors for VR — with Audio Accessories and Replacement Lining.






Directional Accuracy

Retaliate instantaneously to enemy fire, explosions, and damage points and react with precision in Onward, Sniper Elite VR, and more.



Sophisticated Feedback

Prepare to enhance your game with chilling detail when you play Phasmophobia, Death Horizon: Reloaded, and more.



Haptic-Intensified Music

Elevate your music games with complexity and accuracy. The beat pulses all around you in Synth Riders, Smash Drums, and Beat Saber.




Rediscover your favorite worlds with 400 unique haptic patterns in 256 compatible games.






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