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KATVR KAT loco S (Set of 3 Sensors)




KAT Loco S

KAT Loco S is a KAT VR’s next-generation walk-on-spot VR Locomotion System. Enabling you to physically move through open worlds and take any other actions you might need in virtual adventures, the Loco S makes gaming even more exciting and immersive! Get yours and take full physical control over movement in VR!



KAT VR 2nd generation sensor technology

The Loco S advances on all fields and brings the newest technological innovations. Now with more precision, higher accuracy and stronger performance.

  • Improved Motion Sensors
    For higher action accuracy in VR games
  • Improved Decoupled Directions
    For more precise body orientation
  • Mag-interference resistance
    For stronger performance regardless of the external factors
  • 50 days on standby
    For saving the planet and your time
  • Low latency & 1:1 speed support
    For maximum user experience


Universal Compatibility

KAT Loco S offers universal compatibility across all major VR headsets and platforms allowing you to play just any VR game with support for Free Locomotion including even the AAA titles, and exclusives such as SkyrimVR, No Man’s Sky, Resident Evil 7 and more!


Easy To Install, Wear and Use

You don’t have to be a VR pro to properly set up and calibrate KAT Loco S. Its installation procedure is quick, and sensors are both easy to wear and use.


Wireless Sensors, And Optimized Algorithm
What makes it even more advanced, KAT Loco S is entirely wireless, and comes with a complete system of algorithm, super durable batteries and more!

  • Wireless Connection for ultimate user experience.
  • Analogue Speed and Low Latency for deepend immersion.
  • Decoupled Head and Body Directions for increased realism.
  • Roomscale Support for more precise actions.
  • Deep Integration Sensors System for higher foot tracking accuracy.
  • Super Durable Batteries for enchanced convenience.


Improved PC/VR Multifunctional Software

KAT Gateway, now optimized for easy device operation and quick setting adjustment ensures maximum user experience at all times. Available both from a computer desktop and directly from your VR headset!


More Than Gaming
With KAT Loco S, sky is the limit. Discover its full capabilities and countless applications!

Create educational simulations, training and much more with unlimited virtual space and minimum physical space requirements.

Real Estate
Design architectural projects in deeply realistic enviroment allowing visitors to freely walk around, and feel their vibe.

Social Networking
Hang out with your friends in the virtual world when you can’t meet in the real one and fully immerse yourself in VR.

Combine business with pleasure, and discover countless ways to stay fit while playing your favourite VR games!


Integrate Your Own Content
Our SDK is publicly available, allowing developers to easily integrate their games and VR applications in only a matter of hours.

  • SDK
  • Unity Plugin
  • Unreal Plugin
  • Dev Kit


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