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Qanba Carbon




Qanba Carbon – The Versatile, Three-in-one Joystick

The Carbon is three joysticks in one. Designed for the versatile gamer who wants to recreate an arcade set-up in their home y securing it to a table, while still keep the option of transportation. Plug-in-andplay for PC, Android, and Sony PlayStation 3 with high-precision Qanba components, you finally have an authentic arcade for your personal games library.

Removable Table Clamps

Qanba engineered the carbon to be the ultimate in home gaming. Securely clamp your Carbon onto your desk using the adjustable table clamps to recreate an authentic arcade experience in your own home. Additionally, the clamps are removable for easy storage and transportation.

Three-In-One Compatibility

Plug-in and play to the PlayStation 3, PC and Android (version 4 and above). Experience hassle-free switching from one platform to the next with the Carbon’s native compatibility for its platforms. This is our most popular stick among shoot-em-up, action and PC gamers.

USB Cord Compartment

All Qanba sticks come with wired USB connectivity to ensure a flawless connection during those clutch moments. Simply fold your USB cord into the compartment for a seamless fit in your bag or storage area.

  • PC, PlayStation 3, and Android compatibility
  • Adjustable and removable table clamps
  • D-Input and X-Input support
  • Turbo functionality
  • Side US cord compartment
  • 6′ USB cord
  • Anti-slip bottom pad
  • Qanba joystick and pushbuttons

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