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Empower Landspeeder





Landspeeder VR

The Landspeeder is a new version of 6 seater VR cinema that comes in 2021, also known as the VR spaceship, is more like an egg chair with 6 to 8 seats. Compared with the VR egg chair, the turf efficiency is higher, which is suitable for the operation place with large passenger flow, and it has an attractive appearance that can bring you more income and consumers.




  • Most popular product for experience center
  • High sales productivity with six seaters
  • Exclusive crank system instead of cylinders
  • Space style design series
  • Touch screen control easy and efficient



Game TypeVR Cinema, VR Rollercoaster, VR Kids, etc.
Floor Space3400*3600*2300mm
Capacity6 Person/600KG
HMDPico G2 4K Plus/Oculus Quest 2