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Cougar Bunker M RGB


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RGB Wireless Mobile Charging Stand with USB Hub

Bunker M RGB is as useful as a phone stand can get. It does not only wirelessly recharge your phone at high speed but also works as a convenient stand to use your phone in different environments, has excellent RGB lighting and sports an onboard 2-port USB hub.


Wireless Charging

Bunker M RGB fulfills the requirements of the Qi standard and delivers fast wireless charging for your mobile phone.

Convenient USB Hub

Two convenient USB ports for charging, synchronizing or quickly copying data.


Adjustable Stand

Bunker M RGB does much more than charging: thanks to its adjustable stand and its suction pad, it works as a convenient tool to hold your phone in any position you want.


Super Stable

Bunker M RGB’s advanced suction pad technology provides your phone with stable support and protects it from accidental falls.


RGB Lighting

Fourteen fantastic lighting effects that can be selected merely by pressing a button.


Dimensions120 x 70 x 145 (mm)
4.72 x 2.75 x 5.70 (in)



  • Remove the protective membrane and clean the surface on which you plan to use COUGAR Bunker M RGB.
  • Place COUGAR Bunker M RGB on the desired surface, with the suction pad facing downwards, and press the mouse bungee’s base gently against it, then push the lever downwards.
  • Removal: Pull the suction lever upwards. Then, grip the silicone protuberance located in the back of the bungee’s suction pad and pull it upwards to remove it from the surface.



The range of suitable uneven surfaces (flat surfaces) does not include cloth, wool, cotton or similar materials, nor does it include any porous surface.



  • The suction pad has a degree of stickiness. If, after prolonged use you notice a decrease in the steadiness of the device and a weakening of its suction, Please wipe the surface with a damp cloth. When it dries, its original properties will be restored.
  • In order to enjoy 10W fast charging, please use a QC 2.0 or QC 3.0 adapter (sold separately). It is also possible to use the wireless charging function (with a slower charging speed) by connecting the charger to a computer’s USB port.