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Thrustmaster T-GT II


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Thrustmaster T-GT


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The T-GT II racing wheel is a powerhouse of extreme technologies, resulting from a highly in-depth study of all the must-have sensations required for an ultra-realistic car racing experience. T-GT II has been designed to take the amazing performance to even greater heights. With T-GT II, gamers on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC can enjoy advanced levels of precision and durability. The T-GT II racing wheel provides key advantages and lifelike sensations in GT Sport thanks to groundbreaking technologies including T-LIN, T-DCC, and especially T-DFB.


Main Features

  • Leather-wrapped wheel with 25 action buttons, 1 push-button and 4 rotary selectors natively recognized in GT Sport
  • High-velocity, brushless motor for exceptionally responsive force feedback with high torque capacity
  • High-quality internal components for maximum quality and lifespan
  • Proprietary technologies: T-AEC-Q, T-DCC, T-RTF, T-LIN etc.
  • Proprietary magnetic technology for an unlimited lifespan and optimal precision
  • Dual-belt system for smooth gaming sessions without any dead zones


T-AEC-Q for advanced durability

In order to ensure the maximum levels of durability and quality over time, T-GT II features a stunning electronic design with AEC-Q-certified printed circuit boards, from the real-world automotive industry. The goal behind this reworking of the internal components used in Thrustmaster’s T-GT II is to meet the needs of competitive expert racers who use their racing simulation gear as real work tools – throughout extremely long training sessions, and incredibly intense competitions.


T-DCC for better precision

Drift management is a must for all drivers who need to carefully control their car’s skidding in turns. With this in mind, T-GT II employs a technology allowing for real-time drift curve calculation (T-DCC), thereby maintaining the responsiveness of both the wheel and the car in the game in all circumstances. This built-in T-DCC feature allows drivers to focus their attention on making very precise movements, in order to always be able to stay one or two steps ahead in terms of their driving.


T-RTF for stunning responsiveness

The Real-Time Force feedback (T-RTF) system reduces calculation times, allowing for instant responsiveness. Force feedback effects are managed by a built-in processor in real time. This means that these effects do not depend on the game itself in order to avoid any hiccups with respect to responsiveness – and the great part is that this holds true for all games, both on consoles and PC. In this way, Thrustmaster’s proprietary T-RTF technology allows users to enjoy gameplay without any dead zones or latency.


T-LIN for outstanding linearity

The Thrustmaster T-GT II racing wheel ensures perfectly linear effects: the force felt by the user is proportional to the force determined in the game. Cars’ behavior and track conditions are faithfully reproduced, with a breathtaking level of detail. This allows racers to anticipate and react more efficiently to track conditions, thanks to the information transmitted through the racing wheel. This improves users’ comprehension of their driving, helping them to beat records and win races.


T-40VE for improved velocity
The T-GT II racing wheel’s motor stands out for its perfectly linear force feedback and incredible velocity – from long stall curves to super-responsive S curves. This high-powered motor provides the velocity required to generate remarkably dynamic and powerful effects. Thanks to its velocity, the motor also transmits faster and stronger responses to racers in real time, enhanced by Thrustmaster’s proprietary T-LIN technology.


T-DFB for incredible depth

Combining brushless motors’ refined force feedback with this Depth Feedback technology creates a realistic 3D perception of the environment. As a complement to standard feedback, this system improves the driving experience with an advanced range of effects including tire adherence (grip or slippage) in understeering and oversteering, mass transfers, road textures and irregularities, suspension and other parameters specific to each vehicle and circuit.


T-Turbo: Power

This external power supply delivers constant power and massive peak power (400 watts) to instantly respond to ultra-fast requests from games — rendered by the T-LIN feature and the T-40VE motor during game phases such as power drifts or multiple chicanes.

The power supply’s toroidal shape optimizes efficiency versus heat at 86%, with a finless design.


T-F.O.C.: Control

T-F.O.C. algorithm with Hall Effect sensors: Thrustmaster’s patented technology identifies the racing wheel’s position with pinpoint accuracy, and provides unrivaled precision.
Thanks to its precision and the use of an optimized F.O.C. algorithm, the motor responds dynamically and swiftly to requests for increased torque, while reducing drops in power.


T-M.C.E.: Stability

The Motor-Cooling-Embedded system maintains linearity and dynamics with the powerful T-40VE motor.

Thanks to T-M.C.E. technology, the T-40VE motor manages heat transfer and dissipation more efficiently than ever before. The T-40VE incorporates this cooling system right in the very heart of the motor, in a highly constrained and enclosed environment. This combination ensures constant precision in terms of rendering of T-GT II’s performance and effects throughout even the longest racing sessions, allowing drivers to experience the full complexity of sensations.



Box contents

  • Wheel, Base
  • 3-pedal pedal set
  • T-Turbo power supply
  • Clamping system
  • User manual and warranty information