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Thrustmaster Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition

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Own The Race

The latest creation from decades of collaboration between Thrustmaster and Ferrari, this product is a 1: 1 scale replica of the steering wheel of the legendary Ferrari SF1000 racing car. The Thrustmaster Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition includes the iconic labels and official brands present on the real steering wheel, as well as a 109 mm LCD IPS screen that displays up to 69 items of race information.
The instrument panel includes different masks for the type of game you are playing or for the car used and 21 LED lights: 15 for engine speed and 2 x 3 for the flags of the flight attendants.
The 100% carbon fiber structure of the steering wheel front plate provides balanced Force Feedback effects to guarantee extremely accurate movements when competing, particularly in games focused on single-seater cars. The rubber-textured grips and Thrustmaster T-Chrono Paddles interchangeable speed levers (sold separately) make this steering wheel replica a truly versatile tool for motor racing, capable of adapting to the needs of each driver.
Officially licensed by Ferrari, the steering wheel is compatible with all Thrustmaster T-Series steering wheel bases (sold separately) and fully functional on PC (Windows 10), PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


A New Level Of Immersion

The wheel features up to 25 action buttons, including 11 buttons with iconic labeling and markings (OIL, RADIO, DRINK) for total immersion. The 7 encoders located near the user’s thumbs, the display, and the bottom part of the wheel make it easy to assign controls, and allow for more intuitive in-game adjustment of settings.


A Clear And Intuitive Overview

This steering wheel replica includes a 109 mm interactive screen and 21 LED lights, connected natively or by wireless telemetry (Wi-Fi). Up to 69 information items can be displayed, with different masks for the type of game you are playing. There are 15 LED lights for the engine speed and 2 x 3 for the flags of the flight attendants.


Designed For High Performance

The Formula SF Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition features a 100% carbon fiber center plate (21 layers, 3 mm thick in total), combining rigidity and lightness to provide balanced Force Feedback effects. Textured rubber steering wheel handles replicate real-world handling for unprecedented car racing comfort.


“Push-Pull” Magnetic Speed Patils

The speed levers include “push-pull” technology, similar to that found on the steering wheel of the real SF1000 racing single-seater. With a 100% aluminum construction for maximum robustness and handling, the magnetic speed tabs not only allow clear and precise activation to avoid driving errors, but also offer unlimited life. There are also two analogue speed tabs on the rear of the steering wheel.


Compatible With T-Series Bases

Equipped with the Thrustmaster steering wheel replacement system, this steering wheel was developed to be compatible with all brand T-Series steering wheel bases (sold separately). The Ferrari SF1000 Edition Formula Wheel Add-On is compatible with the following bases: TS-PC, T-GT, TS-XW Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel Servo Base and T300 Racing Wheel Servo Base.


Interchangeable Speed Patils

The Formula SF Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition is an incredibly versatile steering wheel, thanks to the ability to change the respective gear levers. For an even smoother gear shift (bounce time less than 5 milliseconds), the T-Chrono Paddles speed levers (sold separately) are an indispensable accessory to achieve absolutely incredible lap times.


Main Features

  • Officially licensed Ferrari product
  • Features the official labeling and markings found on the real Ferrari SF1000 wheel
  • A world first: clear, precise interactive screen, showing up to 69 different items of information on a 4.3” / 109 mm IPS LCD display
  • Faceplate composed of 21 layers of carbon fiber
  • Aluminum paddle shifters interchangeable with the Thrustmaster T-Chrono Paddles paddle shifters (sold separately)
  • 11 competition buttons with a firm feel, to avoid inadvertent activation
  • 2 soft and quick thumbwheels for on the fly adjustments
  • The first interchangeable magnetic Push/Pull paddle shifters allowing users to shift gears, no matter how the wheel is turned
  • Customizable analog paddle shifters
    Throttle and Brake
    Clutch and Point of View
    Clutch and Handbrake
  • Up to 69 different items of information on a 4 3 109 mm IPS LCD display, with different skins for the type of game being played or car being driven
  • Wireless connectivity featuring high bandwidth telemetry
  • 21 LEDs
    15 for the engine speed
    2 x 3 for FIA flags
  • Wheel features a USB C port for upgrades
  • Compatible with the following Thrustmaster T Series racing wheel bases T300 T-GT, TS-PC, TS-XW, TX
  • Compatible with PC (Windows ® 10 PlayStation and Xbox
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible (WEP WPA PSK WPA 2 PSK security key)
  • 4 3 inch 109 mm) IPS LCD display showing up to 69 Key items of information, with different skins for the type of game being played, for optimal racing comfort
  • 3 mm Thick carbon fiber Faceplate 21 layers) combining rigidity and Lightweight design, for balanced force feedback
  • Up to 25 action buttons (including 7 encoders) for intuitive driving and unlimited configuration possibilities
  • Native connectivity or wireless telemetry connectivity, with iconic labeling and official markings for Unrivalled immersion and realism
  • 100 aluminum Interchangeable magnetic Paddle shifters, and two customizable analog Paddle shifters
  • Compatible with PC (Windows 10 PlayStation and Xbox (list of features available on the Thrustmaster technical support website)
  • Compatible with the following Thrustmaster T series racing wheel bases (sold separately) ts xw, T GT, T 300 TX and ts PC
  • Compatible with the Thrustmaster T Chrono paddles SF 1000 Edition Paddle shifters (sold separately)
  • replica wheel Officially licensed by Ferrari