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Moza CS V2 Steering Wheel






CS V2 Racing Wheel

Hold on Tight, Experience Real Racing


Features Highlight

  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Customized Quick Release
  • Magnetic Shifter
  • Forged Carbon Fiber
  • RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator
  • Programmable Mechanical Key Buttons


13 Inch Standard Racing Rim

With a true-to-life size matching real racing car, the CS V2 offers a realistic sim racing experience.


Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame

Using aviation grade aluminuim alloy for the rim, operation board and base plate, the wheel sports exceptional quality and rigidity.


Customized Quick Release

MOZA’s customized quick release system derived from real racing systems allows racers to quickly switch wheels in seconds while ensures stable connection.


Forged Carbon Fiber Magnetic Shifter

The magnetic shifters have a firm feeling with a forged carbon fiber design. The contactless photoelectric technology makes the paddles extremely stable and ensures you never miss a shift.


RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator

The CS V2 features 10 RGB LED sequential shift lights with 7 adjustable colors, allowing racers customize the rev speed lighting.


Programmable Mechanical Key Buttons

6 programmable key buttons with tactile feedback.


2 Pressable Universal Joysticks

With two joysticks available that could simulate 10 keys and 2 sets of cross keys, the CS V2 wheel can handle complex operations in racing games.


20-Segment Dials

Enjoy crisp metallic sounds and a tactile feel as you adjust parameters while racing.


MOZA Invisible Connect Wireless Technology

MOZA’s 2.4G wireless signal technology allows for easy hassle-free racing, which has proven to provide longer service life and greater stability than wired transmission through thousands of hours of testing.


Rim Wrap/ Grip MaterialMicrofiber Leather
Plate MaterialAluminum Alloy
Rear Housing MaterialAluminum Alloy
Magnetic Shifter MaterialForged Carbon Fiber
Size13 inch
Magnetic Shifters2
Mechanical Key Buttons6
Highlighted LED RGB Light Beads10
LED Colors7 for customization
Intelligent TelemetryYes
Set Lighting though MOZA Pit HouseYes
Releasing MethodQuick Release
Transmission ModeWireless
Paddle SensorContactless photoelectric sensor



Wheel Bases

*Compatible with all MOZA wheel bases.


Box Contents

  • CS Steering Wheel
  • Hexagon Wrench
  • Shifter Silence Pad*4
  • Shifter Booster block*2

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