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Cluvens IW-320





Cluvens IW-320 Zero Gravity Reclining Workstation Computer Gaming Chair Gaming Cockpit

IW-320 Workstation Chair enables an ultimate comfortable, immersive environment for people that spend many hours on computer or gaming. The unique design supports up to 5 monitors, or with a single monitor up to 43″. Whether you are looking for a workstation chair for pc gaming, VR gaming, home office, finance, simulation or monitoring etc, IW-320 can enhance simpleness, comfort, accuracy, privacy and productivity. Focus on your work without any distractions from RGB lights.




  • Recline up to 125 degree!
  • Support up to 1 x 49″ ultra wide monitor!
  • Support up to 1 x 43″ 16:9 monitor!
  • Support up to 3 x 32″ or 5 x 32″ monitors!
  • Custom made bracket (4 monitors, Dual 49″ monitors)
  • Easily modified to use flight simulator or driving simulator
  • Value choice for the quality, function and the cost.
  • Monitor Weight: Up to 53lbs / 24kg in total.
  • Monitor Max Height: Up to 24″ / 61cm.



Hang Single/ Double/ Triple/ Quadruple/ Quintuple Monitors

The chair comes with single monitor bracket and standard triple monitor bracket that can holds up to 1×43″ or 3×32″(most models). Easy to mount with monitors with VESA mounting configurations 75 x 75, 100 x 100.

  • Optional VESA adapter mount for 200 x 200.
  • 32:9 single (1) ultra-wide curved monitor up to 49″(Samsung CHG90).
  • 21:9 single (1) ultra-wide monitor up to 38″.
  • 16:9 single (1) monitor up to 43″!
  • 16:9 Triple (3) monitors up to 3×32″ .
  • Optional Custom Brackets:
  • 16:9 Double (2) monitors 2×32″.
  • 16:9 Quadruple (4) monitors 2×27″+2×24″.
  • 16:9 Quadruple (5) monitors 3×32″+2×32″.
  • Monitor Weight: Up to 53lbs / 24kg in total.
  • Monitor Max Height: Up to 24″ / 61cm.



Ergonomics Designs

One Click Zero Gravity

  • Just one click of the control, chair will set to Zero Gravity Position by motor.
  • More recline to as far as 145 degree.
  • Armrest and keyboard tray recline with the chair for easy control.
  • Eye to monitor distance remain the same of 32inch / 80cm in any positon.



Keyboard Tray and Armrest Rotary

  • The keyboard tray installed in the right arm rest can be rotated completely to one side for easy access in and out of the workstation.
  • The Keyboard tray also capable of moving forward or backward to fit best typing distance.
  • The left arm rest can also be rotated completely to one side for easy access.
  • When reclined, the arm rest and the keyboard tray recline with the chair.



Leg Rest Adjustment

The leg support panel is distance adjustable.



Comfort And Wellbeing

Every llittle things that makes your long time work easier.

  • High Quality PU leather Gaming chair with Massage ( Somatosensory Vibration ) & memory pillow,waist pillow.
  • Anti Glaring LED reading Lights on roof arm.
  • Phone Holder on Keyboard Tray or Armrest.
  • 4 x 3.0 USB Ports attached under the left armrest for easier and quicker connect other peripherals.