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Dual Wireless RGB Headphones







Comfortable Fit

The over-ear ear cups and adjustable acrylic headband can withstand long use on PS4/PS5, providing players with a comfortable gaming experience. The design that wraps around the ears and the adjustable headband allow users to stay comfortable and immerse themselves in the game even for extended periods of time.







Immersive Battlefield Audio

Experience the acoustic effects of the battlefield. Equipped with proprietary 53mm oversized dynamic drivers, the BIGBIG WON gaming headset delivers a powerful sound field. From thundering the cannons to the shots and subtle ambient sounds, everything is faithfully reproduced and puts players into play.




Effective Noise Cancellation

Effective noise cancellation cleverly reduces external noise and provides players with a quiet gaming experience. This sophisticated technology actively filters out ambient
noise and allows immersive gameplay without missing tactical communication or important sound cues.







Versatile Connectivity & Platform Compatibility

The A200 gaming headset offers a variety of connectivity options, including 2.4G, Bluetooth, 3.5mm cable and Type-C, with excellent compatibility with Windows, Switch, iOS, Android and especially PS4/PS5.




Remarkably Low Latency

Bring players a fast and realistic gaming experience with remarkably low latency. With a delay of just 20ms on the 2.4G connection and only 50ms for Bluetooth, this amazingly low latency allows immersion in fast and realistic gameplay situations and fast responses to critical moments in milliseconds.