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Thrustmaster SimTask Farm Stick









3-Axis Joystick for Farm Simulation Gaming

Take control of farming and heavy machinery with SimTask FarmStick!

SimTask FarmStick is the joystick designed for controlling farming and heavy machinery including tractors, combine harvesters, cranes and forestry equipment.

Control mechanical arms, loaders, deploy the plow, and change hitches. All controls are right at your fingertips.

A joystick with 3 directional axes, 33 buttons, a thumbwheel and a mini-stick, SimTask FarmStick is a real all-in-one control panel allowing you to control all types of machinery.

SimTask is the new Thrustmaster product range designed for “Farming” simulation, trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles and machinery.



  • Compatible with PC (Windows 11/10)
  • 3-axis joystick designed for “Farming” and construction simulation, and other heavy machinery
  • Multifunctional stick with 6 buttons, 1 thumbwheel, 1 mini-stick, 2 rocker switches and 1 trigger
  • Up to 33 action buttons for control of all types of machinery
  • Surgical precision thanks to H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) magnetic sensors
  • Ambidextrous design allowing for the use of a racing wheel (sold separately), or two joysticks at the same time
  • Plug & Play in Farming Simulator 22 and designed in conjunction with Giants Software GmbH




Control Heavy Machinery

SimTask FarmStick is the joystick designed for “Farming” and construction simulation, and controlling heavy machinery. Control forklifts, hoists, cranes or forestry equipment and carry out any task with ease thanks to its three 16-bit directional axes, including two featuring H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) magnetic sensors.



Multifunctional Stick

With 7 buttons, 2 rocker switches, 1 mini-stick and 1 thumbwheel, the stick is a multifunctional device allowing you to control all types of machinery right at your fingertips. The trigger lets you toggle between “Driving” and “Working” modes, to access 6 additional actions with your thumb.




All-In One Control Panel

The joystick’s base features 18 extra buttons that are fully mappable to specific actions in each game or type of vehicle. The “Combo” button lets you double the number of actions that can be mapped onto each button in Farming Simulator 22.

With its 33 buttons and different types of controls, SimTask FarmStick is both a joystick and an all-in-one control panel, allowing you to free yourself from using a mouse and keyboard.



Ergonomic Design, Inspired By Real Farming Machinery

The ergonomic, ambidextrous design lets you easily access the main features with comfortable handling — even during long sessions. SimTask FarmStick was directly inspired by the interiors of high-end modern tractors and farming equipment, with realistic dimensions.




Plug & Play In Farming SImulator 22

SimTask FarmStick is compatible with PC (Windows 11/10), and Plug & Play in Farming Simulator 22 (game not included). The controls are automatically mapped to each vehicle. All buttons can be programmed for the needs of each game (list of compatible games available on the Thrustmaster support website).



Ecosystem- Ready

Use SimTask FarmStick in conjunction with a T128 or T248 racing wheel and a SimTask Steering Kit (all sold separately) for total control, and an immersive experience simulating the driver’s cabin from farming or construction machinery. SimTask FarmStick can also be used on its own or as a duo for more technical machinery, including forestry equipment.