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Moza Universal Hub


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Connects the FSR and SR-P Lite Pedals Directly to the PC.

  • Increased Compatibility
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Body
  • Multiple Input Ports
  • Dual Power Supply System



Increased Compatibility

The MOZA Universal Hub can connect the MOZA FSR Formula Wheel, MOZA SR-P Lite pedals, and other upcoming products, directly to the PC.



Aviation Grade Aluminum Body
The MOZA Universal Hub features an all-metal design with exceptional rigidity and durability.


Dual Power Supply System

The dual power supply system ensures the stable operation of power-consuming devices. The dual power supply system is recommended when connecting via USB 2.0.


Multiple Input Port

4 Input Ports, including three expansion ports and one pedal port, allow the connection of multiple Moza Racing devices to a single USB port.