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Moza GS V2 Steering Wheel






MOZA GS V2 Steering Wheel
Push It to the Limit

Features Highlight

  • Alcantara®
  • Forged Carbon Fibre Framework & Shifter Paddle
  • Dual Clutch Magnetic Shifter Paddles
  • 10 Luminous Programmable Mechanical Keyboards Buttons
  • Customized Quick Release
  • RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator



300mm GT Wheel, Built for E-sports

The GS V2 is MOZA’s E-sports ready, GT style wheel. A full featured, 300mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion, and no compromises.


Alcantara® Made In Italy

With carefully selected Alcantara imported from Italy, the GS grips have a truly premium feel, similar to real-life supercars.


Forged Carbon Fiber Frame and Paddles

Featuring a sturdy frame made of 5mm high-strength forged carbon fiber, enjoy a weighty feel and trusted reliability.


Dual Clutch System with Magnetic Shifters

The GS V2 magnetic carbon paddles have a powerful weight to them, ensuring every shift feels satisfying. The lower clutch paddles are easily toggled between a single clutch or dual clutch mode, typically used in professional simracing titles such as iRacing and the F1 series.


Customized Quick Release

MOZA’s quick release system ensures a seamless wheel transition in seconds. Enjoy a stable, solid connection that works across the whole MOZA ecosystem.


10 Programmable Backlit Mechanical Keys

The GS V2 sports 10 programmable mechanical keys, with a satisfying click to ensure you feel every change. The keys can also be customized in the MOZA Pit House App, with a choice of 8 different colors.


Customizable RGB RPM and Shift Indicator

With 10 high-brightness RGB LED’s, enjoy the ability to customize your RPM or shift indicators with 7 different color choices, allowing for a unique touch to your racing setup.


Optimized, Ergonomical Design

A comfortable but firm grip gives the GS V2 a true-to-life GT feel. Even in the face of MOZA’s R21 torque, a driver has quick access to all adjustments they need to make in the heat of battle, with carefully placed joysticks, buttons and switches.


  • Wheel Material
    Alcantara® made in Italy
  • Frame and Front Plate Material
    Forged Carbon Fibre
  • Paddle Module
    3 mm-thick, Forged Carbon Fibre
  • Size
    300mm Diameter Standard Racing Wheel
  • Magnetic Paddle
  • Dual Clutch Paddles
  • Luminous Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps
  • Band Knob
  • Thumb Knob(compressible)
  • Joysticks
  • LED Lamp Beads RGB
  • LED Color
    7 Define Custom Colors
  • Intelligent Telemetry
  • Set Up The Lights Through The MOZA Pit House
  • Knock-down (K/D) construction
    Quick Release
  • Power Supply
  • Transmission Mode
  • Paddle Sensor
    Non-contact Photoelectric Sensor
  • Dual Clutch Paddle Mode
    Synthesis Axis/Independent Axis/button


In The Box

  • GT Steering Wheel
  • Tool Kit: Hexagon screwdriver / Mute pad x 4
  • Portable cloth bag



Wheel Bases

  • MOZA R5
  • MOZA R9
  • MOZA R16
  • MOZA R21

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