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Different racing wheel shapes

black steering wheel in close up photography



There are several different shapes of racing wheels available, each with their own unique design and intended purpose. Here are some of the most common racing wheel shapes and their characteristics:


Round Steering Wheels:

Round steering wheels are the most common type of racing wheel and are typically used in GT racing and other road-based disciplines. They provide a familiar and comfortable grip for most drivers and are suitable for a wide range of racing styles.


D-Shaped Steering Wheels:

D-shaped steering wheels feature a flat bottom that allows for more leg room and easier access to the pedals. This design is popular in Formula and other open-wheel racing categories where drivers sit in a more reclined position and have less space in the cockpit.


Flat-Bottom (F1-style) Steering Wheels:

Flat-bottom steering wheels are similar to D-shaped wheels, but feature a flat top and bottom rather than a rounded shape. This design allows for a more natural hand position and can be more comfortable for drivers who prefer a lower grip position.


Deep-Dish Steering Wheels:

Deep-dish steering wheels have a more pronounced curve or “dish” in the rim, which allows for a more ergonomic grip position and can provide additional leverage for steering inputs. They are popular in rally and drifting disciplines, as well as in sim racing where precise control is key.



Ultimately, the choice of racing wheel shape will depend on personal preference, driving style, and the type of racing you are interested in. It’s important to choose a wheel that feels comfortable and natural in your hands and allows for precise and responsive steering inputs, which are essential for successful racing.